HP-Polymer can be dissolved in water easily compared with those
of conventional PVOH.

The dissolution temperature can be lowered 10 in general
and dissolution time can be shortened

The problem about undissolved PVOH residual can be also solved.

HP-Polymer provides both good solubility and good mechanical
property of the film together.


Ratio of undissolved PVOH at each temperature

Ratio of undissolved PVOH(%)
HP-F117 PVA-117
75 30 0.024 0.897
80 30 0.006 0.066
85 30 undetected 0.010
Concentration=10%, Agitation speed = 300 rpm
PVOH is charged into the water at 30(86), heated up to the each
kept for 30min and then undissolved PVOH residual are filtered.

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