Introduction for KURARAY SIZE

Improvement of the sizing system and machinery requests, at the same time, improvement of sizing agent with high function. In order to comply with such requests, Kuraray designs various kinds of developed sizing material, especially for Air Jet Loom (A.J.L.).
Grade Intend for
KURARAY SIZE 1100 Cotton, highly concentrated recipe
KURARAY SIZE 2100 Synthetic and synthetic-blended spun yarn, highly concentrated recipe
KURARAY SIZE 3100A Cotton, synthetic and synthetic-blended spun yarn, highly concentrated recipe
1. Basic properties and advantages of KURARAY SIZE

KURARAY SIZE 1100, 2100 and 3100A are PVA co-polymer which have more advantages in respect to workability ad productivity in wide range of warp sizing.

  • Easy to dissolve and easy to control the viscosity.
  • Size-Take-Up can be easily and uniformly controlled because of its less dependency of wet pick-up.
  • Moderate film strength to provide sized yarn with good splittability.
  • Easy to remove the size. (Good desizability)

K/S 1100 K/S 2100 K/S 3100A
Volatiles (%, max) 5.0 5.0 5.0
Hydrolysis Medium Partially Partially
Viscosity (mPas) 14.5-18.5 8-12 15-20
Degree of modification Low Medium High
Application for AJL Cotton
  1. Warp sizing for spun yarn
  2. Warp sizing for filament yarn
  3. Finishing
  4. Printing
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