General Information of "KURARAY POVAL"

History of "KURARAY POVAL"
In 1926, KURARAY get launched on its business as a manufacturer of rayon filament and staple. At the incipient period, KURARAY started the research for a new synthetic fiber, which could be produced by domestic resources only. Finally KURARAY has developed the synthetic fiber vinylon using PVA resin as raw material. The business of PVA resin sales has been also launched as a major segment of KURARAY.
Since then, KURARAY has been the leading manufacturer of the PVA industry. "KURARAY POVAL" has been commercially manufactured at both Okayama & Nakajo Plant in Japan, and in order to accelerate our international competitive strategy, we have started the production in Singapore from 1999. And moreover, KURARAY has announced in July 2001 that it has signed an agreement to purchase the assets of the PVA and PVB businesses and related activities of Clariant AG. This acquisition will contribute to strengthen KURARAY's competitive strategy and expand its global leadership in PVA business.

1924 PVA was discovered by Dr. O.W. Herrmann in Germany.
1926 KURARAY Co., Ltd. established.
1950 PVA production in Toyama Plant (Toyama Pref.) started. (The first industrialization & commercial production of PVA resin in the world.)
1958 The marketing of PVA resin "KURARAY POVAL" started.
1962 PVA commercial production in Nakajo Plant (Niigata Pref.) started
1968 PVA commercial production in Okayama Plant (Okayama Pref.) started
1978 PVA production in Toyama Plant stopped.
1988 30th anniversary of PVA marketing for industrial applications
1996 1996 Agreement of New project, running a joint ventured PVA plant in Singapore, with Nippon Gohsei, was announced.
1999 PVA commercial production in Poval Asia (Singapore) started.
2001 Reached an agreement to purchase the PVA & related business of Clariant AG.

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