General Information of "KURARAY POVAL"
General characteristics of "KURARAY POVAL"
1) Physical properties
white to pale yellow colored, granular powder

Melting point:
150 - 230 C degrees

Specific gravity:
1.19 - 1.31

2) General properties

Water-soluble. Dissolving speed will accelerate with the rise of water temperature. The oil-resistant property is extremely high, and does not dissolve in almost all of the organic solvents, however, some of PVA can be dissolved in organic solvent, such as a kind of glycol, DMSO, and phenol.

Acid and alkali resistance:
Hardly effected by acid or alkali under a weak condition.

Thermal stability:
The melting point and the thermal decomposition starting point are close, and the decomposition gradually starts from higher that 180 C degrees.

Film formation property:
Apt to form yarn and film, and its physical performance, such as tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance, is superior to other synthetic resins.

Moisture absorption property:
Compared with other water-soluble synthetic resins, moisture absorption property is lower and be less affected by the humidity.

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