December 28, 2001
Kuraray Co., Ltd.
Kuraray Co., Ltd. Completes the Acquisition of Clariant's Polyvinyl Alcohol
and Polyvinyl Butyral Businesses
Kuraray Co., Ltd. finalized the acquisition of Clariant's polyvinyl alcohol and polyvinyl butyral businesses on December 27, 2001, and launched these businesses as its own operation on the same day. The company entered into an agreement to purchase PVA-related operations on July 9, 2001 and had been proceeding with the various procedures required for the consummation of the acquisition including the approval by the competent authorities.
1.Corporate Data
Kuraray Specialities Europe GmbH
Capital : 20 million Euro
(*Kuraray Europe GmbH owns 100% share thereof)
President : Dr. Gerd Lepper
Head office : Frankfurt, Germany
Business line : Manufacture and sale of PVA-related products
Production capability : PVA (50,000MT/Y), PVB (16,000MT/Y)
Employees : about 250
Net sales : \18 billion (target for fiscal 2003)
2.Major applications of PVA
Fiber sizing agents, paper processing agents, adhesives and PVB, etc
3.Major applications of PVB
Interlayers used in the manufacture of windows and windshields, specialty paints and adhesives, etc.
*Kuraray Europe GmbH: a European holding company fully owned by Kuraray Co., Ltd.

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