Water-Soluble Film
The Characteristics of KURARAY Water Solible Poval Film
The KURARAY water soluble Poval film has unique performance and variations ,comes from our PVA resin,composition,and film making technique.
kuraray is also PVA Resin manufacture and can design and make a unique PVA for the film.

Soluble with water

The KURARAY selects the raw materials which are the optimal for each use, from the cold water soluble type to the hot water soluble type and assorts the film with all kinds of brands.

Suitable as a film for the packaging

There is excellent resistivity in regards to the pulling, tearing, and impact. Therefore, it is suitable as a film for the packaging to protect contents.

Good heat sealability

Because it is possible to seal at temperature (120-180) like the polyethylene film, it is possible to make bags easily.

Resistance to oils and chemicals

The film is not affected by oils and fats such as animal oils, vegetable oils, mineral oils, fats, organic solvents and the hydrocarbons and can not be penetrated by them. However, it sometimes dissolves in specific organic solvents such as the glycols, DMSO, the phenols.

Good gas barrier properties

It has an excellent gas barrier to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbonic acid gas and so on, when the humidity is low. Moreover, it has an excellent fragrance preservation of the contents as well.

Good antistatic properties

Because it has a lot of hydroxyl groups in molecule, it does not take charges. Compared with the film which is made from the other synthetic resins it is difficult for the trouble caused by electrification to occur.

Good printability

Because the adhesion with ink is great, gravure print and so on are beautifully completed.

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