Water-Soluble Film
General information of "KURARAY POVAL FILM"
A material that is friendly to humans and the planet at large.
"KURARAY POVAL FILM" is a highly safe product.
  • It is based on PVA, a raw material that is non-toxic to humans.
"KURARAY POVAL FILM" has few disposal-related problems
  • When incinerated, it releases quite few dioxins or toxic precursors to acid rain.
  • Furthermore, it generates only half the heat of combustion of polypropylene or polyethylene when burned, and thus does not damage incinerating facilities so much.
Reference: Gases and Heat Energy Released by Various Plastics When Incinerated

Type of plastic HCl CO2 CO Heat of combustion(kJ/kg)
Polyethylene film
approx. 46,000
Polypropylene film
approx. 46,000
Polyvinyl chloride film approx. 19,000
approx. 24,000
Wood chips
approx. 19,000
Source: In-house data
"KURARAY POVAL FILM" is produced from a biodegradable material
  • Once PVA is dissolved in water, specific microbes cause it to degrade.
  • When treated with activated sludge, solutions of PVA will be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide.
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