Water-Soluble Film
Care for Usage
  1. KURARAY water soluble Poval film is hygroscopic. Be sufficiently careful of the use and the storage in high temperature and high humidity environments. (Stock in humidity-proof packaging)

  2. Do not touch with the wet hand. Be careful so as not to drop sweat, saliva and drop of water on the film.

  3. KURARAY water soluble Poval film is hygroscopic.When bringing a film roll from the cold warehouse into the warm workshop, please open a packaging after leaving for equal to or more than 48 hours at the workshop.

  4. After reading our company publication regarding the treatment cautions and MSDS well, please treat carefully.
Because the KURARAY water soluble Poval film sometimes dose not dissolve in water when packaging particular chemicals, strong acids and strong alkalines with the film, please consult beforehand.

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